🎥 Optimizing Anaglyphs: a Walk-Through (10/10/20)
Simple but effective improvements using StereoPhoto Maker, Mac Preview, and Photopea.
Aligning and Cropping Stereopairs (1/12/20)
Learn the basics of doing this manually, using almost any simple graphic programs like Mac Preview.

🎥 Asymmetrical Framing of Stereopairs (4/25/20)
Presented at a meeting of the New York Stereoscopic Association.

🎥 3D-Con Workshop: Artificial Intelligence For the Stereographer (8/15/21)
This workshop will show you how to use AIs of special interest to stereographers, via the free tool Google Colab, to do things like: create depth maps and stereopairs from single images, and create animations and stereoanimations. Presented at NSA 3D-Con 2021.
Ghost Stereos
Mirror Stereos
🎥 3D Slices & Shapes (6/6/21)
Learn how to sp(l)ice up your stereos with some artful 3D shapes in this headache-free tutorial! All you need is a stereophoto and a graphics program with layers, such as the free online Photopea. Presented at a meeting of the Virtual Stereoscopic Community; related post: 3D Slices & Shapes.

🎥 3D-Con 2021 + 2020 Special Interest Groups: 3D on Social Media (8/13/21, 8/13/20)
Videos of the Special Interest Group Zoom sessions from the NSA 3D-Con 2021 and 3D-Con 2020, moderated by Gordon.

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