Gordon Au first dabbled in 3D in late elementary school, when he mail-ordered prints of random-dot autostereograms from N.E. Thing Enterprises. He tried to draw stereopair art and make ASCII autostereograms. Nowadays, he creates 3D stereophotos, stereovideos, animations, anaglyphs, extractions, and conversions, drawing upon a variety of sources, including artificial intelligence, TV and film, artwork, NASA data, product reviews, and more. Gordon has a fondness for experimentation, including AI, catadioptric stereos, asymmetric framing, video panning/zooming of 3D stills, x-rays and fog as depth map sources, and more (see the tags page for examples).

One of Gordon’s stereos was recently published in Brian May’s Stereoscopy is Good For You: Life in 3-D book, now available from London Stereo (see related post).

Gordon is a member of and has presented for the National Stereoscopic Association, New York Stereoscopic Association, and the Virtual Stereoscopic Community; is a member of and has written for the International Stereoscopic Union; and is also a member of the LA 3-D Club. He is a three-time workshop presenter for the NSA; at 3D-Con 2021, he presented a workshop on Artificial Intelligence For the Stereographer, and moderated the Special Interest Group 3D on Social Media. At the previous 3D-Con 2020, his video tutorial DIY Catadioptric Stereos won the Best Show By a First-Time Presenter award, and he moderated the first Special Interest Group on 3D on Social Media.

Gordon is a jazz musician, composer, and educator by trade, and leads The Grand St. Stompers and Au Brothers Jazz Band.

Contact Gordon ">here.

I shoot most stereo works using:
• Qoocam EGO stereocamera
• Twin rig of 2 x Sony RX100 mark II (details forthcoming)
DIY catadioptric mirror rig using a 2016 iPhone SE
• 2011 LG Thrill 3D phone
• Olympus Tough TG-6 (for sequential macros)

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