9/1/20 #2: How to Take Sequential Ghost Stereos

Ghost Pepper! 👻😜 If you caught Denis Pellerin’s excellent ‘Ghosts in the Stereoscope…’ talk at 3D-Con 2020 last month, and/or saw various recent social media posts by the London Stereoscopic Company, you may be excited about ghost stereos! You also may’ve seen the excellent post by Rebecca on The Stereoscopy Blog on how to make ghost stereos using either long exposure or by compositing different pictures. But you might ask: what if I don’t have a camera that does long exposure—I always take sequentials! How can I have a ghost in a shot, then have it hide, then shift the camera, then have the ghost come back to the exact same position?

It’s actually easier than that: you just have to switch around your mental ordering. As shown in the 2nd pic, shoot in THIS order:

  1. left view, no ghost
  2. add ghost, repeat left view
  3. shift and take right view, ghost stays in place (easy)
  4. remove ghost, repeat right view

There’s no need for the ghost to leave and return to a certain exact position :) It does help, however, if your camera(phone) is stabilized somehow, especially between shots 1 & 2, and 3 & 4. As for processing, use StereoPhoto Maker or another program to do this:

  1. align shots 1 & 2
  2. blend them together = the left image
  3. repeat for shots 3 & 4 = the right image
  4. auto-align the stereopair with SPM

And/or edit the stereopair as you normally would. Ta-daa! For the blending step, if you don’t already have a program or app that can do it, I recommend trying Photopea, a great Photoshop-like program that is web-based and free! (The blend would be a top layer with 50% opacity.) If you see discrepancies during the blending step, you can always cut out and overlay just the ghost itself.

Please try this out…leave comments below…looking forward to seeing (or HALF-seeing?) your ghost stereos! :D

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