6/11/21: Traffic Experiment #3
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🎥 parallel
🎥 anaglyph
More experimental traffic in 3D—part 3! See part 1 here for an intro/background.

This third clip (once again originally 2D stock footage) shows hovercars slowing down and landing for two train crossings, and afterwards, flying up and ahead again. As before, their speed is proportional to their apparent height above the road, and you can judge their relative speeds via their relative heights. You may notice a lot of rivalry/discrepancy with the trains here, and that’s because their motion is perpendicular to the axis of stereo separation in this setup. Were the L/R videos each rotated 90º, the trains would be properly stereo-fused and show depth (but the other vehicles wouldn’t).

TAGS: experiments > traffic; vehicles > cars, trucks

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