6/10/21: Traffic Experiment #2
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More of the traffic in 3D experiment—part 2! See part 1 here for an intro/background.

This short clip (again originally 2D stock footage) shows well the contrast between stationary and moving objects, in terms of their perceived depth in this setup. Notice that in contrast to the bottom half, where vehicles are moving and floating above the road, the stopped vehicles on the top are all flat at screen depth, but float up above it as they start moving. In 2D, it is hard to tell whether by the end of the video, the speed of traffic on top has reached the same speed as below. Viewing in 3D, can you tell?

You might’ve realized that since this video has two-way traffic, the depth of one way should’ve been inverted. I matched the two directions by swapping the L & R in one of them—that is, swapping the direction of the time offset.

Stay tuned for more…

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