3/29/21: Slices of Time
🎥 cross
🎥 parallel

⌛️ Slices of time in 3D… I ❤️ NYC

These pieces are moving chronologically leftwards. I made this from a 2D timelapse video by EarthCam, converted to 3D with the MiDaS AI and StereoPhoto Maker. The depth map isn’t perfect, which is why some buildings are a bit…fuzzy :)

The 2nd pic is the still stereopair, and the 3rd is an alternate version with the slices in non-chronological order.

I had the idea for this as a spin-off of an earlier stereo experiment of mine (which I haven’t posted yet, but which LA 3D Club members have seen). I don’t really have the setup to do a real hyperstereo timelapse (yet?), but I was glad this simulation using a 2D video worked out!

TAGS: AI > MiDaS; experiments > slices, timelapse; New York City

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