3/1/21: Martian Panoramas
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NASA and Mastcam/ASU have slowly been releasing 360º panoramas stitched together from hundreds of shots taken by Perseverance Rover’s Mastcam-Z color stereocamera, but so far have not released official 3D shots (despite it being a stereocamera). But digging through the raw image archives, I’ve recently found some of their overlapping shots, and some as overlapping stereopairs.

The first scene here was my first attempt at a stereopanorama, made of 4 total shots (2 stereopairs). I stitched each eye view with Hugin, aligned them with StereoPhoto Maker, and made manual edits/crops. The first video here is a panning stereovideo affording a closer view and better depth. The following 2 videos are 2D videos—but rather immersive ones!—made with the 3D-Photo-Inpainting AI and depth maps from SPM.

Then yesterday, I found SEVEN overlapping stereopairs. My initial attempt to stitch each eye view in Hugin following by SPM alignment was a failure: there were small discrepancies in the rotation and alignment of different panels, which could not be simultaneously fixable by SPM. I went back and tried the reverse order: aligning each stereopair first, then stitching each eye view, then a final alignment for good measure.

The result is the second scene here. There are imperfections in the depth and in the stitched seams, but it IS a 3D stereopanorama from Mars! The first video of this scene demonstrates how wide and how detailed it is with 3D zoom-in. The second gives a 3D panning view of the entire panorama, and even at a relatively rapid pace, it’s a full minute long, panning in only one direction.

Original images credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

TAGS: AI > 3D-Photo-Inpainting; panoramas; Mars > Jezero Crater, Perseverance Rover; rocks; scenery

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