6/13/24: Stereoscopy Issue 137 Cover Art

I’m honored to have one of my 3D AI artworks as the cover image of the International Stereoscopic Union’s journal, Stereoscopy Issue 137β€”thank you to editor George Themelis for his interest! Above is the original uncropped version of the piece, as well as bonus animated versions.

My workflow creating this piece was as follows:
1) Initial image created with Dall-E 3; edited in Photopea
2) Remastered using Stable Diffusion 1.5, epiCPhotoGasm model; edited again

See a comparison of these two steps at left.

depth map

3) Created a depth map using MiDaS v3.1; edited in Photopea

At left is a colorized version of the final depth map.

4) Used StereoPhoto Maker to generate 3D stereopairs
5) Used customs colors and convergence optimization techniques to make a color anaglyph (see my tutorial Optimizing Anaglyphs: a Walk-Through)
6) Used SPM again to generate frames, and FFMPEG to assemble 2D and 3D animations

For your enjoyment (though merely in 2D), here are other artworks I created in the same series.


Meanwhile: I have been working on an article comparing a number of modern depth estimator AIs, as applied to 3D-converting AI artwork. Stay tuned!

TAGS: AI > MiDaS, art > AI art > Dall-E 3, Stable Diffusion; depth maps, flowers, portraits > people

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