4/26/23: Midjourney AI Art in 3D
My recent focus in 3D has been making 3D versions of AI artwork. Here is a sampling of art by me, made using the AI Midjourney (and related Nijijourney), versions 4 and 5, and 3D-converted using MiDaS v3.1, BMD + LeReS, with editing at all stages, including overpainting, inpainting, compositing, etc. This first piece I call “Going up for a closer look…”
This one is notable for being an infinite tile—the panning could also be vertical, or in any other direction! I made this with the MJ ‘tile’ option, and it’s part of a larger post about Wild West-era apothecaries…
DETECTIVES CTHULHU & LOVECRAFT, Issue No. 1! “When the book of the dead is stolen from the Netherworld, both the mortal realm and the outer spheres are imperiled! An Elder God must come to the streets of London to meet a wisecracking firebrand young Detective Ulalume Lovecraft, but can this unlikely duo work together to save both their worlds, before time runs out??”

For two variant covers, some character portraits, and more, see here, and see some of Issue No. 2 here.

Both of these could be taken to celebrate the current Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. Specifically, it is the year of the Yin (shadow/darkness/female) Water Rabbit.
“Space travel is nothing if not long… Short daily nights as well as the long nights of hypersleep mean that ships in deep space are often dark, quiet, and lonely, with essential functions handled by shipcomp. Once in a while a lone human on night duty will walk the decks, or sit on the bridge admiring views of nebulae on route…while a lone space cat, while technically not hibernating, may sleep through a parade of planets.”

Can you spot the space kitteh? If not, play the zooming-in stereovideos. This is part of my ongoing series M[AI]den Voyage.

Finally, here is a vector art experiment, and two pieces inspired by fairy tales. The wolf is meant to be Red Riding Hood herself as a werewolf—representing reclaiming your power by becoming the very thing you fear!

Stay tuned for a following gallery showing AI artworks made with Stable Diffusion.

TAGS: AI > Boosting Monocular Depth, LeReS, MiDaS, AI art > Midjourney, Nijijourney; animals > cats, rabbits, wolves; art; comics; experiments > tiling; fairy tales, portraits; spaceships

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