9/10/20: Wiggle Stereopairs/Anaglyphs
🎥 cross
🎥 parallel
🎥 anaglyph

3D friends: if you like stereopairs or anaglyphs, and also like wiggle gifs, then you’ll luuuvv wiggle stereopairs / wiggle anaglyphs! 😜 (Wiggle stereos? Stereowigglepairs? Anaglyggles? …Better ideas?) This is a good compromise, I think, for showing things in true 3D while also allowing for 2D appreciation.

You do need a minimum of THREE pics, vs. the usual stereopair 2, as seen with these 3 frames extracted and edited/assembled from the film Groundhog Day, showing downtown Pittsburgh. So if you already have a wiggle gif with 3+ frames, you have all the starting material you need :) Of course, you may want to auto-align the frames with StereoPhoto Maker for this format.

Although anaglyphs can sometimes look not-great without glasses, one thing to note is that the convergence point (the screen z-level) of an anaglyph, and the alignment point of a wiggle, can conveniently be the same thing = less work. With this anaglyph, that point is the spires of Barad–dûr PPG Place, although there’s a bit of misalignment.

What do you think?

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